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Welcome to Quartrait, where emotions find their voice on canvas. As the founder and artist, I’m humbled to share my heartfelt passion with you. Each stroke tells a story, each line captures a moment. Join us on this artistic journey of inspiration and soulful connection.

Thank you for being here.

Guneit Kaur Dhillon

Guneit Kaur Dhillon

Founder and Artist

Guneit Kaur Dhillon, a Berkshire/London -based portrait artist and law graduate, balances her creative passion with a bustling career in London, serving FTSE100 firms. Her art, deeply intertwined with her legal acumen and Sikh faith, reflects a unique blend of precision, ethics, and spiritual depth, capturing more than just images but the essence of her subjects. Read below, a little snapshot of her story so far. 

 Hello and welcome, I’m Guneit Kaur Dhillon, and I’m excited to share my journey and passion with you through the lens of Quartrait. A British-born Sikh, I am firmly rooted in British Values as well as my Panjabi heritage. My life is a tapestry woven with threads of culture, love for all beliefs and religions, emotion, and influences spanning continents.


From an early age, the world of portraiture captivated me, a love that has grown alongside my fascination with history. My desire to not just capture but retell the tales of powerful women – queens and maharanis alike – has become the heartbeat of my artistic expression. Figures such as Maharani Jind Kaur and Queen Elizabeth have etched their stories on my canvas, guiding me to embrace life’s complexities with grace.


But history isn’t just my passion – it’s my muse. The works of artists like Edwin Lord Weeks and the captured moments of photographers from the West in Amritsar have served as both guide and inspiration for my craft. The potent influence of photography, epitomised by the skillful portraits of Steve McCurry, has, unexpectedly, made me a better painter of portraits.


Stepping into Blair Peach Primary School, where diversity flourished, I was enchanted by the symphony of cultures. This was where compassion and humanity took root, nurtured by the legacy of Blair Peach and shaping the very core of my moral compass. 


As I journeyed through life, my friends and family emerged as my unwavering anchor. Their love and encouragement fuel my creative path. By day, I traversed the corridors of the legal world and running a family business of day nurseries,  weaving a thread of creativity into the structured canvas of law and early childhood education. Yet, during the serene days of COVID, a transformation unfolded. The world stopped, people became afraid of each other and it's fuelled my desire to paint and sketch again. I was grateful for my art to reach millions around the Globe, in particular 'Gifted Breaths, 2020'. 


This journey has led me to remarkable souls, each contributing their unique chapter to my narrative. And this, my friend, marks but a stepping stone. I extend a heartfelt invitation – let’s intertwine our stories, paint memories and join me on this journey to bring ideas to life. 


With love,