Exclusive Quartrait Membership

Welcome to the Quartrait Artistry Collective - Join the League of Quartrait Art Collectors

At Quartrait, we celebrate the profound connections between art and cherished memories, and those who embrace our bespoke pieces become esteemed members of the: Quartrait Artistry Collective - Art Collectors.

What is the Quartrait Art Collectors Membership?

'Maison Quartrait'  Collectors Membership is an exclusive honor granted to those who commission a unique Quartrait masterpiece. By acquiring a bespoke artwork, you become an esteemed member of our art community, dedicated to preserving and celebrating the beauty of bespoke artistry.

Membership Benefits and Privileges

  • Lifetime Recognition:
    • As a Quartrait Art Collector, your name will be displayed with pride in our exclusive, private “Art Collectors” gallery, commemorating your status as a valued Quartrait patron.


  • Privileged Access:
    • Exclusive Early Access
      • Latest bespoke collections
      • Limited Edition releases
      • behind the scenes artist insights
      • be the first to explore and secure new artworks before public release 


  • Members-Only Events: Enjoy invitations to our private art soirées and members-only events, where you’ll experience intimate encounters with art, artists, and fellow collectors.


  • Signature Membership Perks: Delight in signature membership perks, including complimentary customizations and priority shipping on all your commissioned portraits.


  • Exclusive Collector Offers: Be treated to special Collector promotions, discounts, and surprise gifts, showcasing our gratitude for your continued support.

How to Become a Quartrait Art Collector

Becoming a Quartrait Art Collector is an effortless journey. Simply commission your bespoke Quartrait masterpiece, and you will automatically be welcomed into the Quartrait Artistry Collective - Art Collectors. Your masterpiece is the key to unlock a world of artistic wonder, and we eagerly await your presence as a cherished Quartrait Art Collector.

At Quartrait, we believe in the transformative power of art, and our Art Collectors play a vital role in preserving treasured memories on canvas. We look forward to celebrating the essence of your bespoke creations and embarking on this artistic odyssey together.

Please note that membership to the Quartrait Artistry Collective - Art Collectors is an exclusive honor bestowed upon all who embrace the beauty of bespoke Quartrait artistry. Welcome to the prestigious league of cherished Quartrait Art Collectors!




Managing Director
Quartrait Ltd

Richard Hansen

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