Dawn of Panj Pyare at Anandpur Sahib


This painting features a coloured painting of the B&W historic photograph “The Sikh Town of Anundpore. Punjaub” by Francis Frith 1850-1870. It illustrates Anandpur Sahib, the birthplace of the Khalsa, where Guru Gobind Singh Ji established a new covenant of faith among Sikhs. The Panj Pyare, depicted as the current, and present form, represent the inaugural members of the Khalsa, embodying the virtues of bravery, purity, and commitment to the Sikh faith. Their swords are symbols of the spiritual and moral duty entrusted to them. As Quartrait brings a bygone era to life with modern hues, the painting bridges time, honoring the sacred site where the Khalsa was born and the profound initiation of the Panj Pyare. Titled  “Dawn of Panj Pyare at Anandpur Sahib,” captures both the historical and spiritual awakening that the site and the Panj Pyare signify in Sikh heritage.