Sacred Echos Exhibition & Auction at Deloitte HQ London

Quartrait brings in the highest bids 

Quartrait’s debut at the Deloitte headquarters in London marked a significant milestone in her artistic journey. Hosted in the prestigious setting of Deloitte, a firm renowned for its global influence and excellence in professional services, the event celebrated the birth and life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Gurpurab).


Organised by the Deloitte Sikh Network, it was a vibrant testament to the values of integrity, equality, and charity. Quartrait, was invited to exhibit two artworks in the Sacred Echoes Exhibition, a gathering that featured esteemed artists who have showcased their works in prominent galleries worldwide. 


The event attracted a distinguished audience, comprising professionals and directors from companies such as JP Morgan, HSBC and British Petroleum. The highlight of the evening, Quartrait’s three artworks were the stars of a live auction, receiving the highest bids and raising substantial funds for the Scope charity.


Accompanied by live classical Sikh music and exquisite catering, the event was not only a celebration of Quartrait’s success but also an opportunity for networking and solidarity among artists who came together to share the love and honour of the teachings of Guru Nanak. 


About the Artwork



The artwork “From Her, Kings Are Born” tenderly captures the essence of the feminine divine, as celebrated in Sikhism. It is a gentle yet powerful homage to womanhood, inspired by Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s words. An art critic emotionally recalls how the maternal voice in the piece mirrors his first encounter with prayer, taught by his mother. The presence of the lion and the ethereal backdrop of Guru Nanak Dev Ji symbolize strength and ever-present divinity. The thirteen lights symbolise the guiding principles of Sikhism, all coming together in a soft tribute to the nurturing spirit from which leaders are born.






This painting features a coloured painting of the B&W historic photograph “The Sikh Town of Anundpore. Punjaub” by Francis Frith 1850-1870. It illustrates Anandpur Sahib, the birthplace of the Khalsa, where Guru Gobind Singh Ji established a new covenant of faith among Sikhs. The Panj Pyare, depicted as the current, and present form, represent the inaugural members of the Khalsa, embodying the virtues of bravery, purity, and commitment to the Sikh faith. Their swords are symbols of the spiritual and moral duty entrusted to them. As Quartrait brings a bygone era to life with modern hues, the painting bridges time, honoring the sacred site where the Khalsa was born and the profound initiation of the Panj Pyare. Titled  “Dawn of the Khalsa at Anandpur Sahib,” captures both the historical and spiritual awakening that the site and the Panj Pyare signify in Sikh heritage.

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